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    They need a NEW perspective.

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Let the amazing W Mitchell give your people the powerful wake-up call they need.  He will make everything else you do or say at your meeting much, much more effective.


 Everything is changing and it's NOT going back to the way it was!  Now is the time to help your organization accept the new reality and move forward with PURPOSE, CONFIDENCE and GRATITUDE.  
        “I understand your pain when it comes to setbacks, unexpected changes, endless challenges, and feeling frazzled and burnt out. Let’s work together to design a program with meaningful outcomes for your current situation.” Basic benefits include: 
Begin to take charge, accept responsibility, and move forward with an “Oh, yes  we can!” attitude. 
Gain a new perspective on seemingly impossible situations and learn how to triumph over adversity. 
Be empowered to put yourself back in charge and take action based on Mitchell’s real-life proven strategies. 
Understand that most limitations are self-imposed and it’s time to move past them. 
Walk away with a renewed commitment towards self-leadership, increased productivity, better communication skills, and a more resilient spirit towards life and work. 
Honor and celebrate your successes with W Mitchell, a man who thoroughly values determination, creativity and perseverance. 

Undefeated by a blazing motorcycle accident and a paralyzing plane crash, Mitchell learned to take responsibility for the countless changes in his life. Based on his real-life experiences and the remarkable achievements that followed his accidents, worldwide organizations now seek his insight and proven strategies.

When Mitchell speaks, no one goes away unaffected as he proves, beyond a doubt, that setbacks can be transformed into exciting new starting points. Overcoming impossible situations and successfully moving forward is Mitchell’s area of expertise. And, the proof that he is “the real deal” can be found in the remarkable achievements that followed his accidents.

Achievements include:  founding chairman of a $65 million company, a two-term mayor and congressional nominee, a radio host and television personality, published author, Speakers Hall of Fame inductee who has spoken in over 30 countries, invited to the White House under five United States presidents, continues his love of piloting airplanes and outdoor activities, and served as president of the Global Speakers Federation. Specific details are available here.

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