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Spreading The Aloha Spirit Around the World

Mitchell’s life revolves around worldwide travel and meeting wonderful people. Their stories and kind words continue to reinforce the value of his message and his commitment towards making a difference. Mitchell wants to give back…to his audiences, his website visitors, and countless acquaintances along the way. You are welcome to download and share the articles listed below, to view a condensed version of Super Human (a television show featuring Mitchell), and to visit Mitchell’s recommended links for Keynote Speakers, Authors, and Corporate Resources.

It is Mitchell’s goal to help people of all ages and all walks of life gain a new perspective on seemingly impossible situations. Together we can all make a difference for ourselves and others.

Super Humans is a dramatic re-enactment of Mitchell’s two accidents and the process of rebuilding his life. You will see actual scenes from Mitchell’s hospital room and many of the challenges he faced.

W Mitchell is Unstoppable. Learn more about his amazing story with his inspirational products.