"At times, I find myself so pulled and pushed by others that I briefly forget the main point of my talk--put yourself back in charge! When we consciously take control of our lives, many of our hurdles diminish or even disappear." 
- W Mitchell


"It's Not What Happens To You, It's What You Do About It" 
W Mitchell knows about challenge, change and courage, all first-hand. In this book, he speaks to you about his life, the setbacks and the finish lines, the battles and the victories. Mitchell’s message addresses the human spirit and its yearning for survival. He focuses on the positives of change – taking responsibility – and the proven result – himself.Click here to read Mitchell’s Introduction to his book, and in-depth information about this truly inspiring book. $19.95 USD
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"It's Not What Happens to You, It's What You Do About It",
70 minutes. 
A complete keynote speech delivered by W Mitchell plus clips of Mitchell from around the world. $59.95 USD
DVD Video of a full speech
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"It's Not What Happens To You, It's What You Do About It”,
110 minutes.
This includes a complete keynote address and interviews.  $24.95 USD
Two CD Audio
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“One On One with W Mitchell”,
65 minutes.
This is Mitchell off-stage in a revealing 65 minutes of in-depth insights based on his unique perspective and valuable wisdom.  Mitchell answers your questions. $19.95 USD

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This includes Mitchell’s four products listed above:  book, DVD video of a full speech, two-CD audio, and the new “One On One” DVD with W Mitchell.  $99.95 USD

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August 2008, New York City,
W Mitchell is officially installed as president of the International Federation For Professional Speakers. Outgoing president Joe Sherren, CSP, passes the gavel.
Mitchell's INTRODUCTION to
his book.


"Against all odds, W Mitchell has faced some of life's insurmountable
challenges. A man so passionately caring, he does not understand the meaning of giving up."
  Leo Hart, former NFL quarterback

"To know W Mitchell is an inspiration - to read his book is to know him. A must read!" Jim F Hennig, PhD, President, National Speakers Association (1995-96)

"The more we rely on technology, the more we need to be reminded of our incredible internal resources. Mitchell has gone where few of us have. He shows us the way." Daniel Burrus, CEO of Burrus Research, author of Technotrends

"Mitchell provides a wake up call of stregth and hope. Mitchell shows us that perception–the way we look at what happens–is the key to what happens next. Our choices truly do create our life. He reminds me that to change my life, I need only change my mind."
Joe Calloway, partner, Business Motivation Resources, author

"Truly inspiring! Mitchell’s story gives us a clear vision of just how bright, how strong, how courageous the human spirit can be."
Dewitt Jones, award winning photographer and lecturer

"After not one, but two tragic and potentially devastating physical injuries, W Mitchell could have become a P.O.W. too; a 'Prisoner of Woe.'"
Gerald Coffee, 7-year P.O.W. in N. Vietnam, Speaker, author of Beyond Survival

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