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Thank you for visiting my website. Whether you have read my book, heard me speak, or just stopped by my website, please let me know you were here by posting a message. Also if you know of a group that would benefit from my keynote speech, please provide their contact information or send them to my website.

As you can see from the all the pictures, my wheelchair has taken me to distant places, allowing me to share my story. I am amazed that people everywhere yearn for encourangement and motivation—thus providing me with tremendous opportunities. My unique life situation has turned out to be a gift. I truly am a lucky man.

Let my “Message” page be a Melting Pot for all of us to share inspiration and motivation. Again, thank you for stopping by. Aloha!

W Mitchell with tribal member

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Messages to Mitchell from Throughout the World

I heard you at the RadioShack summit expo.  Amazing speech, thank you for sharing.  I was in the 2011 tornado where my wife died.  Your story hit home. Thank you again.


I saw you at a recent RadioShack convention at Fort Worth.  Thank you thank you thank you.  I find myself quoting you all the time with people, "It's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it."  Anytime my friends or I are down in the dumps, I look to you for inspiration and you come shinning through.  I feel very blessed that my path crossed yours.


Thank you again for speaking at Laguna Blanca School today.  Our students cannot stop talking about your inspirational words.  It was truly one of our best assemblies in years.


BURNED & JAILED  (excerpts) The halls erupted in thunderous acclaim for a solid five minutes.  In unison, 3000 feet stood to honor the guest speaker, W Mitchell...he had the most unusual opening I've ever heard.  SILENCE!...Mitchell's message in Fort Worth, Texas was bundled neatly that - "IT'S TIME TO FACE THE FACTS:  Everything is changing and it's NOT going back to the way it was!  Now is the time to help your organization accept the new reality and move forward with PURPOSE, CONFIDENCE and GRATITUDE"...it was a privilege to listen to a world class communicator...clearly I was blown away with Mitchell's courage and keen intellect...


I want to thank you again for your great insight and shared wisdom that came from your experiences and your will to do something about it and not let it stop you. It was very great and I only hope that my will is strong and true as yours in the lesser things I struggle with.


I want to copy your character.  I want to model you.  Thanks for your life pattern.


I found myself quoting you this morning during a discussion on Linkedin and realized I was using a quote from a presentation I have have seen nearly 20 years ago or longer. Nice to see you're still spreading your message.


Thank you!  Your video is really gonna change my ways around my family.  You keep going on with your life.  Until God says stop, your life is not over yet.  Keep doing your best work.


I think you are a very lucky person and good hearted because you go to different places and tell them that life ain't what we think it is...that anything can happen to anybody. I think that you can do anything you want if you just put your heart to it and don't worry about what anybody has got to say about you.


I know it's been said and I'll say it anyway.  You've helped a lot of people.  You helped me get through a bad time and I thank you for that.  It's the least I can say.  If anyone is reading this, I bought his material, all of it, and it was well worth it.  Again thanks.

New York, USA

I just recently viewed a video sent to our building of a town meeting where you were the keynote speaker.  You are an amazing man and such a good speaker.  I can't stop thinking about you and your message.  You have the power to move the world.  Thank you.


You are my real power.  Thanks W. "Wonderful" Mitchell and, if you can, please come to Italy to show and share it (your wonderful message) with us.  Good luck.


You moved me today. My best friend in the whole world was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and my fathers cancer has progressed once again.  I called them both today and shared your words of stuff happens, but it's how we choose to deal with this.  It was a new perspective for me to think about and I'm sure a new thought to ponder for these two inspirational people in my life.  I am a carer, a nurse, a mother, a wife and a friend, and most of all thank you for sharing your story and giving me a reason to keep smiling at others when sometimes I feel there's nothing to smile about.  Lovely to hear from you today.  You really made my day!


Mitchell, thank you for speaking to each and everyone of us today.  You are a true inspiration and I feel very privileged to have met you.  Your message was the wake up call we all need from time to time - and reminded me we can choose how we respond to whatever life throws at us. Thank you!


I am sitting here struggling to come up with feedback that sums up my thanks for your inspirational talk you gave today at our healthcare meeting.  You have certainly revealed to us the sweet waters of living life.  However, as the saying goes, "You can lead the horse to water but you can't make it drink".  I, for one, have broken my diet.  I'm tired of just taking sips.  Thank you.


Thank you so much for speaking to me!  Though I know you were here to speak to a group of people, your message was very personal to me at a time that I needed it.  Your words, your manner, your voice all touched me in a way that I have never experienced and has encouraged me to act on how I need to accept responsibility for how I have chosen to deal with "challenges" in my life!


I was doing my homework on the internet and found your story in a book I'm reading for my class.  I think your story is so inspirational for those people who are always complaining for things they don't have and stuff like that.  In my class I have to explain the content of the book and I'm surely gonna mention yours cuz I wanna share with my classmates your story so they can see that life is not that bad because we have an exam or just because you have to do homework.  I love reading this kind of story because it reminds me that life is beyond the little things that piss me off and I shouldn't care, and (instead), start doing something good for me and others.  I really appreciate that I found your story because it helped me to see the world in another way.  That you so much!  Keep going!


I was a member of your audience today while you spoke to the employees in Toronto.  First off, I want to thank you for your inspirational message, it truly was a pleasure and an honor to have you speak to us today.  Your story is nothing short of a miracle and your words are enlightening and meaningful.  I wish you well in your travels and thank you for inspiring me to become a better person.


You are truly a remarkable person.  I enjoyed your presentation and it has given me a lot of things to think about...the future (What is Next) and not go looking back for the faults.


Saw you speak today - I can't recall having heard such a heartfelt and authentically delivered message ever.  Thank you so much for sharing your story - was very inspiring.  I'm enjoying my best one hour of today with my family this evening. 🙂


I've surfed to your website and I am very impressed.  A lot of respect for you and your way how to live!  You've chosen to be a leader and set an example and not to be a victim.  A lot of respect!   I stopped drinking alcohol on my own because I was alcoholic.  I also inspire people but what you do is really crazy!  A lot of respect!


You were a motivational speaker at a National Sales Meeting several years ago and your powerful message has gotten me through many life-changing events.  Nothing as challenging as yours but still difficult.  Your message always reminds me that someone else out there has faced or is facing more difficult challenges and they work through them so I can too.  I always use your message, "It's not what happens to you you, it's what you do about it."  Thank you for sharing your sotry.  It makes a difference and I always recommend your book as it truly is a reminder that if we try hard, and work hard, we can get through it...there is always hope.  Hugs.


Whenever I get bummed out, I watch your videos that I bought...and all the films on YouTube.  You're a great guy.  By doing what you did, you helped a lot of people.


Thank you so much for the inspiration.  Thank you for being willing to shine that bright light of yours for all of us to see.  Love and blessings,


WOW!  I read about your story in my high school civics book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens."  I'm so inspired by your situation.  You keep moving forward with a positive attitude, living the life you almost lost on two different occasions!  "It's not what happens to you in life, it's what you do about it."  Indeed, Sir.  After reading your story, I am 100% determined to become a more proactive person!  Thank you.  Thank you for living your life to the fullest.  (:


It's been many years now since we met.  Thanks for starting the wheels turning in my head that have lead me to where my life is today.  Life has become nothing more than challenges to overcome!  And each day, we just "knock them down," don't we?  Thanks Mitchell!  I love you man!


"If you think you're having a bad day or bad life!!!!!!!!!!!  Let me suggest you watch his (W Mitchell's) video.   Last year he was the keynote speaker at our convention.  Let me tell you, Mitchell was a true eye opener for me.  I enjoy life more now then I have ever done in my life!  Just when you think life has kicked you in the ass...you have to hear his story and really listen to what he has to say.  Thank you W.


Thank you.  You are great in what you do and a living example for so many to follow.


Wow, I listened to you on Facebook yesterday.  Amazing, incredible and still thinking over what you said.


Thank you so much for the inspiration.  I see a new path towards life now and I'm going to take one step at a time.  Thank you for making me believe that there's still hope.


Met you once and that's good enough.  Whenever the going gets tough, I look up to you for inspiration and strength.  Thanks for giving me that special gift of hope.


Thank you so much for the wisdom that you shared with everyone.  You have no idea how fulfilling and hopeful this is.  IF YOU CAN DO THIS, SO CAN EVERYBODY.  I HAVE UTMOST RESPECT FOR YOU.  THANK YOU!!!


I have found a friend in you...your name was mentioned more than ten times to me and I even heard it on the radio here in South Africa. So I felt inspired to read about you.  You are a master motivator and I have learned a lot from your articles and life story.  My only wish is to see you in person.  God bless you...you are the light that the earth needed and I thank the universe for having people like you.

South Africa

I am going to use two words:  "Thank you..."

Istanbul, Turkey

For anyone pondering if they should get Mitchell's book, CDs, and DVDs, get it!  It is well worth it and it's an experience..

Stuttgart Germany

I experienced your presentation at a H&R Block National Convention in New Orleans in November.  I will never forget you.  It's been a year oF changes, some painful, some joyful, all challenging.  I honestly felt renewed purpose after seeing you.  Thanks for a life-changing message that I have since passed on to my children.

Michigan USA

Thank you for inspiring so many, especially those who have never met you.  It only takes one person to hear your story and know that they can make it.  You made it and continue to make life worth living.

Spartanburg, NC USA

I am going through a very difficult time...I am down in the dumps and my sister pointed me to your site.  Thank you for all your hard work and the inspiration you provide.  I hope to use your words to pull myself up and be bigger and stronger for my family and my 7 year old daughter.


I had the privilege to hear you speak to our California Highway Patrol Peer Support Class a couple days ago.  I can't begin to explain how much I truly enjoyed hearing you and meeting you.  While your story is beyond inspiring, I gained an opportunity to actually use your message every day.  My father had a stroke a year ago.  He has all but given up on having any type of quality in his life.  Your message, story and example are ones I can use with him.  I want to thank you for helping me in trying to help him and for helping me improve my life through your examples.

Roseville, CA USA

My name is Dahril.  I am a 13 year old student motivated by your remarkable story.  My Moral Education Teacher showed me a video of your story and I was totally moved by your story.  If only I can be like you.  Anyways, do visit Singapore.  It would be a great honor if I could meet you, sir.  Thank you.


What a delight it was to meet you last weekend.  I read your book and am completely inspired by your story.  You are a remarkable human being and I am honored to know you.  Thank you for sharing your story with the world.  You have helped me gain focus, perspective and gratitude.  Thank you.

Santa Barbara, CA USA

I bought all of your merchandise and it was well worth the money.  You have something going for yourself in that you got into two serious accidents and you are able to accomplish so much.  The film AVATAR, if one is familiar with you, realizes that the idea of the film comes from you.  People like Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, John Denver are real proud to say, "Yea, W Mitchell is a friend of mine."  I tell people I meet on the internet who are having problems to go to your website and watch your videos and the reaction afterwards is always the same, "Wow!"  Did you ever think of either writing a script or having one submitted to you for a film explaining the story of your life?  I'm sure such a film would be a blockbuster....

Stuttgart, Germany

I would like to take this opportunity to say what an inspiring, uplifting, and empowering story yours is. The positive way you have handled the various troubles and obstacles in your life is a lesson to us all. I have developed tinnitus a few months ago and for a week or so after it happened, I was very very depressed and feeling sorry for myself.  Fortunately, I came across your book not too long after, which (I am happy to report) changed my mental attitude about how I see things (especially my tinnitus). I actually feel a bit ashamed I moaned about it now when I compare it to what you went through with the terrible burns and then the paralysis. I have since learned to be grateful for the things I have in my life, and the relative ease with 31 years on the Earth which have passed so far. You truly are the man who would not be defeated...and an inspiration to us all.

Glasgow, UK

I have been inspired by you since I first saw you speak at the public library in Park City, Utah in 1994.  I have been hoping to see you speak again especially so my wife can see you.  I have read your book many times and aspire to be as positive as you.  I hope that my wife can meet you someday and I look forward to hearing you again if you ever come to Orlando.

Orlando, FL USA

I heard your story from Tony Robbins audios.  You are an amazing person.  I don't even have words to express myself at this moment then tears over my face.  I wish to have your strength and ability to go on with my life as you did.

Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland Netherlands

I just wanted to say Thank You.  I read your book and you are such an inspiration.  Whenever I have hard times in my life, I think of you and think if he can get through his obstacles, so can I.  Mine seem insignificant compared to what you have been through. Again, thank-you so much.

Ashland, OH

I just finished your book after having heard you speak to our Trustees.  My daughter who has a spinal cord injury is now reading it...a gift for her birthday.  Thank you for touching my life and our family.  Appreciated the postcard too.  Blessings to you.

San Clemente, CA USA

My name is Susan and I am going through a very bad patch with my business at the moment and looking for inspiration.  I picked up my Chicken Soup for the Soul book and read your story and decided to do further research and look you up on the internet. Wow, what can I say, you are the man and I am so proud of your success that I have decided to try to overcome my obstacles and look at other ways to save my business.  Thank you and wish you continued good health and happiness.  Kind regards,


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that you are one of the world's most amazing and inspirational people and I thank God that I was privileged enough to have seen and heard you and your message.

Plano, TX

I have read your book.  Thank you.

Yzmir, Turkey

Things lately have been a bit rough, and for some reason, I remembered you coming to my primary school (possibly in 2005) and telling a little girl and her cohort your inspirational story.  So naturally I decided to Google you, and here I am now. Now as a year 12 student about to graduate into the vast open world, I would like to thank you for sharing with me your message so many years ago.  I will take your words with me as I try to make whatever difference I can on the world in which we live.  I sincerely thank you,


Our world is such an amazing place!  You were a speaker at a junior high right after my 11 year old daughter had her hand cut off and re-attached, 20 years ago.  They sat all the children on the gymnasium floor and you wheeled around them speaking about your life.  You could have heard a pin drop the entire time.  After your speech you met individually with my daughter and I believe you changed the way she handled her injury, recovery, and the rest of her life.  The reason I started thinking about you today is her brother has lost an eye in an accident and at age 28 and unmarried feels like women find him a monster.  He has a beautiful prosthetic but hasn't come to grips with his injury.  I am so thankful for the internet and being able to find you.  I have asked him to look at your "Escaping From Prison" video.  That really hit home for me.  He feels he needs to look away and not answer any questions as you did.  I hope to find where he might be able to hear you speak.  Thank you for what you do.  You have helped my family once and I hope you help again.  I am telling them both to look at your website.  Thanks again.


Thank you for being such an inspirational person.  I have shared about your story with my dad.  I pray and hope he will learn from your message, "It's not what happens to you.  It's what you do about it."  My daddy has got skin disease since young and it got worsen as he grow older.  He lost faith in his life and the people beside him, especially family members.  Recently I attended Dr. Bill Kueek's classes, that's where I got to know you.  I took up the courage to share with my dad about you as I never shared before (Asian culture, very conservative).  I hope to see you around. 🙂  Take care!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I'm in the process of re-inventing my life after being laid off 6 weeks ago.  Since then, I've read "When Bad Things Happen to Good People" which transformed my relationship with God.  I'm working my way through "Zen and the Art of Making a Living" and ordered your book from Amazon.  Interestingly, your book arrived today and I opened it and found it autographed and your incredible quote, "Oh Yes We Can!"   Thank you for inspiring me even further as I take responsibility for change!

North Hollywood, CA USA

I've recently came across your videos on YouTube. You are quite the inspiration. Thank you for being willing to shine that bright light of yours for all of us to see. Love and blessings,

Milpitas, CA

I read your book, listened to CDs, DVDs and watched everything I could find on YouTube.  You're pretty amazing.  People go up to Robbins and Dyer and tell them, "it's easy for you to say to be positive, but I have work for a living."  No one and I mean no one could say something like that to you.  You walk your talk.

Stuttgart, Germany

I watched you speak over a decade ago when I was only 13 years old at a conference with my dad.  Your message has stuck with me in every choice I have made and has developed my attitude toward every challenge I face.  I just want to say - Thanks!


I was reminded of your story when I saw an e-mail being passed around work about the 90/10 principle devised by Steven Covey.  I still remember you speaking to us at Tibbetts Junior High sometime around 1988-1990.  I remember shaking your hand.  I found your message much more powerful than anything Mr. Covey can come up with.  Just wanted you to know I never forgot.

Farmington, New Mexico USA

For anybody who's thinking about buying the CDs, DVDs and the book, buy it.  It's well worth the money.  You got to see it to believe it.

Stuttgart, Germany


Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Thanks for the loving boot in the bum;  your sweet sense of humor and your huge heart. I came across your video via Peers Want to Know.  I believe that things happen for a purpose and listening to you just now is exactly what I needed.  Much love to you and know that I sent the clip to my friends.


I met you once in Singapore at Sim Lim Square (probably a forgettable experience to you)...I walked up to you and shook hands with you.  That is one of the proudest things that I have done.  Thanks for trail blazing your thoughts to us.  You inspired me to do and walk miles that is seemingly impossible to my peers.  I still am in the midst of changing my condition but my agreement with your thoughts that it's about how one takes destiny of one's life that matters.... Thanks for your thoughts again.  It should replace Coke ads to reach out to more people.  Best of Health!  I wish you my 10 years worth of Happiness to you.


God bless you, Mitchell.  You are simply amazing.

MB Canada

Found an old tape from the 1990 Maui speech you gave with Tony Robbins.  I revisited your story.  So if you need one more thank you...Thank you.  I hope all is well.

Lake Elsinore, CA USA

I can see that you have a lot to be thankful for. 1.  People love you. 2.  I tell people to go to your website and I tell them, "You got to see it to believe it."  And afterwards they say, "Wow." 3.  You have a dynamic personality. 4.  I don't think that most people would ever be able to make the comeback that you made. 5.  You're very happy.  This is something that a lot of people only dream about. 6.  You're very successful.  Author, member of many boards of directors, businessman, politician, talk show personality, gifted speaker. 7.  People like Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, John Denver will always be delighted when you just simply call on the phone, no matter what time of day it is. 8.  You bring joy to people. 9.  People look to you for inspiration and idolize you. Need I go on.

Staten Island, NY USA

I was so blown away by the speech you gave... At one time I laughed, then cried, then just laughed again.

Atlanta, Georgia USA

Thank you. I have no other words, just, Thank You!

Sunrise, FL

Keep up the great work. I cried when I heard your speech in Federal Prison Camp in Florence, CO. You are a great inspiration to all. God bless.

Leroy, Wisconsin

Remembering what you taught us in that speaking session helped me finally break through the wall and turn my mental outlook on life a complete 180 degrees. Everywhere I do now, people see the change in me and wonder how this could possibly be. I just point them in the direction of your website and for a few of my closest friends, I let them read your book. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE begins to get the message very quickly. Hopefully, they won’t take 54 years like it took me to finally learn to live life. You are truly the most amazing man I have ever met in my life. I want you to know that I will be forever indebted to you for taking time to share your life story with us.

Lake Zurich, Illinois USA

I just happened to listen and watch one of your videos on your site. It was a most inspiring real time experience which truly touched my heart. I am a 24 year old female and a lupus patient battling for a good life each day, with lots of painful things happening to me nowadays. But keeping hope and positive things in my mind. So I am feeling lucky to have the life I have got after reading and seeing your condition and your courage to move on with life.


Knowing about you gives me the strength to change my life. You are an inspiration for everyone, and I promise you I will personally meet you. You will remember this. Best regards and congratulations.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Hey Mayor! Again, I can't thank you enough for speaking at U of Hawaii. It was great for the students and we received loads of positive feedback. As one professor in attendance wrote to me: "Thank you very much for arranging this beautiful opportunity. Students needed spiritual stimulus, and your event provided it. Students learn how to live from Mitchell." Prof. Jang Kim

Rob B.
Honolulu, HI USA

I have read your book. I started practicing to face my miseries the way you do. Thanks a lot.


Right on Mitchell! You hit the nail on the head...love, learn, and laugh! What an inspiration you are.


It is hard to imagine the pain, suffering and heartache you have endured. Thank you for inspiring me to continue to try to be positive and to reach out to others. I will think of you next time I am feeling sorry for myself.

United States

I listened to your audio disks (several times), read your book (2X), and watched your DVD. I'd like to point out, you used the term "small steps." This is a key point that you could expound on because I believe you go from a small step and keep going until you get to bigger steps. On your tape and your DVD, you mention people's names. I think it's a lift for these people's lives that you took notice of them. This is also something that could be explained more in detail. How is it that you get people to really love you? Including Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Zig Ziglar, Jimmy Carter, John Denver, Gary Hart.

Stuttgart, Germany

I saw you in a book and remembered your name. I came home to view your information on internet. I hope I can revitalize - I have skin problem that attacks the whole body and itch to death. Examinations in school today - hard to carry out the assignment, had to come home early. Home on internet, spent three hours reading your information. I really want to learn. When the disease attacks, I cannot study. Help me. Look forward to your response.

WhenZhou, China

I listened to your audio disks (several times), read your book (2X), and watched your DVD. I'd like to point out, you used the term "small steps." This is a key point that you could expound on because I believe you go from a small step and keep going until you get to bigger steps. On your tape and your DVD, you mention people's names. I think it's a lift for these people's lives that you took notice of them. This is also something that could be explained more in detail. How is it that you get people to really love you? Including Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Zig Ziglar, Jimmy Carter, John Denver, Gary Hart.

Atlanta, Georgia USA

I have just found out about you this morning when I was listening to Tony Robbins' speech. I'm so touched and amazed about you! You're truly living with passion and love! I'm going to do the same EVERYDAY because I know nothing can stop me when we choose to find the blessings in each moment, thank you!!!!! P.S. That is a nice photo of you from Beijing. I'm from there originally. With love,

Melbourne, Austrailia

I read about you in a book "The Road to Success" by Faiez H. Seyal, then I visited your beautiful website. I must say that you are a huge inspiration to so many people around the world. I wish we had more people like you around. Any chances to visit Pakistan? Regards,

Dr. Mariam
Siaikot, Punjab Pakistan

I found that by making cryptic notes of your DVD and CD's, it helps me out a lot.

Sttutgart, Germany

I heard you speak as part of an audience 1000 strong yesterday. I felt like you were talking to only me. When I could tear my eyes away and look around, the expression on my colleagues faces confirmed that you were talking to them individually too. Your compassion and humility humbled me and gave me hope and inspiration. I've been living in my prison since I was a little girl.No more. You are right, I cannot change yesterday. I also remember my solo. Thank you.

Melbourne, VIC Australia

I would like to express my gratitude for all the work you make available on your website. As a juvenile judge I give a lot of young adults the advice to check your website. It motivates people to take action in their lives without forcing them to do things. If you have any programs focused on young adults I would be pleased to hear from it. Thank you for your commitment.

Antwerp, Belgium

I first read an article about you which ran in the magazine section of the Chicago Sun Times, January 26, 1989. I cut the article out and still carry it around today. I can't tell you how many copies I've made and passed on to others over the last 19 years. I must of re-read it myself at least 100 times. The article is quite yellow with age and frayed around the edges, but the message is as new as the first time I read it. Thank you, Thank you W. Mitchell for being such an inspiration.

Chicago, IL USA