"This wheelchair was once a prison for me. However, in time, it  became a vehicle and has taken me to audiences throughout the world...to over 30 countries. Are mental wheelchairs holding you back in your own prison? I want to help you stage a jail break." - W Mitchell





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       David Brower, 
       shown above, served as first 
       executive director of the Sierra 
       Club, founder of Friends of the 
       Earth and Earth Island 
       Institute, three-time nominee 
       for the Nobel Peace Prize, and 
       so much more. He has 
       respectfully been called
       grandfather of the environment.
     "Isn't it amazing how adversity
      introduces us to ourselves!. If
      we learn a valuable lesson in
      the face of adversity, the sting
      will eventually go away and we
      will emerge a smarter, more
      resourceful person."
  W Mitchell
     "He could no longer walk, so 
      he learned to fly!"
      Harvey, Radio Commentator

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